CompanyAbout the Group’s Subsidiaries

About the Group’s Subsidiaries


  • Authentication Security Solution Specialist Company Using OTP
  • Marketing, IT Service, Solution Specialist Company
  • Company Use SW and Payment Service Specialist Company
  • Culture/Education Contents Specialist Company
  • Country’s No.1 Certification Company


  • Country’s No.1 Online Integrated Stock Firm
  • Country’s Best Peoples’ Finance Specialist Savings Bank
  • Country’s Best Peoples’ Finance Specialist Savings Bank
  • Venture Capital Investment Specialist Company
  • Financial Asset Management Consulting Service Specialist Company
  • Peoples’ Financial Institutions for Individuals and Small Merchants
  • Private Equity Fund Management Specialist Company

Contents & Service

  • Country’s No.1 Facebook Partner Online Marketing Promotion Company
  • Country’s No.1 Integrated HR Service Specialist Company
  • Domestic Outsourcing Service Specialist Company
  • Movies, Drama, Webtoon, Culture Contents Specialist Company
  • Promotion, Web, Publication, Broadcasting Digital Contents Providing Company
  • Country’s Biggest Finance Specialist Portal Service Company
  • Asset Management and Property Development Project Specialist Company

Global Business

  • Email Security Solution Specialist Company in Japan
  • IT Outsourcing Center Producing Company in China’s Dalian
  • Indonesia Stock Firm
  • Indonesia Asset Manager

Daou Global

Daou Kiwoon Group has expanded to China, Japan, Indonesia and France and has brought great achievements in the IT, finance and service industry. It is also expanding into a global company.

Daou Japan

It is operating a project in Japan centering on email security solution and pursuing Japanese market expansion of the Daou technology solution developed by itself.
Main partners: Ampere, CTCSP, SecuAvail, NTT Group, Hitachi Group etc.

Beijing Dalian

Beijing Office

It is developing in to a strategic base for the excavation of project partnership, investment and new businesses with Chinese finance and It companies

Daou Dalian

It manages group assets within China and is networking with the country’s companies.


Kiwoom Securities Indonesia/Kiwoom Asset Management Indonesia

By acquiring Indonesian Dongseo Securities, it changed its name to Kiwoom Securities Indonesia and is managing its project in Jakarta etc.



Daou Technology is investing to French company Wosmu that is providing webtoon service and its affiliate Kidarient is providing contents.