SolutionLogin security OTP

Login security OTP

OTP Authentication GrippinTower

GrippinTower is an OTP authentication solution developed by Mirae Technology’s own technology and is a authentication security solution that strengthen security through 2-Factor authentication using OTP of ID/PW based login method.

Security Solution
GrippinTower adopts more easily and quickly to diverse task systems compared to other authentication solutions to strengthen login security and provides diverse functions for convenient management.

Authentication Security Strengthening using GrippinTower

GrippinTower Product Composition

Has the optimum line up that can quickly respond to diverse biz environments and requirements

OTP Authentication Medium

  • AnyOTP (Mobile APP)
  • Card Type OTP
  • Basic Type OTP
  • Security Type OTP

  • AnyAUTH (Mobile APP)
No.1 Product of the Country’s No.1 Company
1st Country’s OTP market share major customers secured skill & know how
(80% or more)
Country’s Most major customers secured
Country’s Best OTP skill & know how
Country’s Largest OTP product line up
Country’s First Time synchronous method OTP market pioneering
Country’s Only Tailored OTP solution provided

Advantages of GrippinTower

  • Security Security strengthening through user password + OTP
    OTP authentication number using standard hash algorithm produced
  • Expandability Many products such as token type, card type and mobile OTP possessed
    Market competitiveness secured through fast response to customer trend change
    Can apply with expandability according to customer characteristics and area
  • Convenience Easy connection, easy use and diverse functions provided
    Management program considering the user’s convenience provided
  • Stability Consulting through diverse environment constructed
    Fast response to customers by developing own technology
    Product stability secured through over 200 customer construction cases



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