FIDO : Simple and safe authentication with no password due to biorhythm authentication based on FIDO

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is a technology standard regarding recognition methods using rhythm recognition skill in the online environment that a international online authentication consortium council called FIDO Alliance has set.
FIDO 1.0 formally announced with the international authentication skill standard completion in 9/12/2014.

How to Use FIDO

FIDO Registration
FIDO Authentication

FIDO Application Area

FIDO is used safely and simply in places that need one's authentication such as login, transfer and payment.

AnyFIDO Composition Diagram

Composed FIDO biorhythm system connected to the task server to make it easy and convenient

AnyFIDO of Mirae Technology is special

Skill verified through FIDO integrated authentication acquisition such as server and client is secured.
Through the world's first voice authentication device FIDO authentication acquisition, FIDO biorhythm authentication universality expanded.
By fusing the country's best OTP skill, realization of safe, convenient and simple authentication without passwords.
Expandability Guaranteed

Compatibility regarding rhythm recognition module that abides by FIDO standard provided. Can apply biorhythm authentication to diverse service environments.

International Authentication and Standard Conformation

FIDO UAF v1.0 Integrated Authentication Acquisition
- Server
- Client
- Authenticator (Android, iOS)

FIDO Server

FIDO Client

FIDO Voice Authentication Device

FIDO2 Authentication Acquisition
- Server

FIDO Server

Mirae Technology’s AnyFIDO is safer

With the fusion of FIDO authentication and OTP authentication, increase the security of the FIDO authentication and strengthen the convenience of OTP authentication.
Through the multi-factor authentication realization using biorhythm authentication, strengthen authentication level regarding service use.
  • OTP Fusion Security Strengthening
    • Excellent OTP authentication technology fusion of Mirae Technology for years
    • By adding OTP other than biorhythm FIDO authentication, can authenticate more safely with dual authentication
  • Authentication Device Added
    • FIDO biorhythm applied to all phones where fingerprints and iris does not work
    • Diverse additional authentication devices such as patterns developed
  • Safety
    • Abuse due to password loss prevented
    • Through biorhythm authenticaton such as fingerprints, speaker and face, theft danger is small and forging is impossible
  • Convenience
    • Do not have to remember password
    • AS there is no module needed to be installed on the PC, can respond completely to Non-Active X
    • Easy and convenient user self-confirmation process provided.
  • Expandability
    • Expandability that has connected FIDO UAF v1.0 Framework and Certification technology provided
    • Certification and password is replaced by bio-authentication such as fingerprints
    • Authentication individual key stored in safe part of the mobile phone
  • Standard
    • Compatible with FIDO UAF 1.0
    • Applied KISA FIDO connected technology guidelines

Cases where AnyFIDO applied: FIDO authentication applied when logging into A owner’s mobile messenger

System composed so that the fingerprint authentication can be used with the existing OTP. Login possible when fingerprint authentication is not possible due to smartphone problems

Can be easily applied to diverse tasks that need login