SolutionElectronic financing OTP

Electronic financing OTP

For your account security Use "One Time Password"

Online Banking Security Best Choice

Strong authentication security system for a safe electronic financial transaction: OTP Authentication System
Construction of the country’s best OTP product line-up + the country’s only tailored OTP Solution provided

OTP Client

Sole ID is as H/W OTP brand thathas integrated Mirae Technology’s best OPT generator technology.
Smart OTP (NFC)
Individual customer use
OTP produced by contacting IC card on smartphone
NFC function use
Smartphone OTP application support
General type OTP
Individual customer use
Small power on/off button to heighten mobility
Security type OTP
Company customer use
Misuse prevented through device password (PIN) setting
Excellent security
Card type OTP
Corporate customer and individual customer use
Power on/off button
Can keep in wallet with credit card standard
Great mobility
Dual Purpose Credit Card Type OTP
For individual customers
Power on/off button
By integrating with credit card,
can use OTP credit card with one card
Excellent portability
Voice OTP
Visually impaired customer use
Power on/off button
Indicate OTP button vocally
(visually impaired OTP service provision)
Ear phone jack connection vocal support

OTP Authentication Server

Tailored authentication server construction appropriate for diverse systems and environments of financial client companies.

Support System UNIX System(IBM-AIX, HP-UX, SUN Solaris Etc)
IBM MainFrame


Construction Form Stand Alone Server : It is constructed to a separate and independent OTP authentication server and system constructed to be compatible with the connected system’s communication rule
Customized Server : Embedded in the electronic finance system operated before, OTP authentication server is constructed and OTP authentication server SDK optimized for OS and DBMS of the mounted system is provided.

Strengths of Mirae Technology Electronic Financial OTP Solution

  • Country’s First time synchronizing OTP market pioneering
  • Country’s Biggest OTP product lineup
  • Country’s Best electronic financial OTP system construction knowhow
  • Country’s Most major customers secured
  • 1st domestic OTP market share (80% or more)