SolutionSecure Mobile OTP

Secure Mobile OTP

Convenient mobile OTP that safely protects OTP’s important information

mobile OTP security secured without using SE (Secure Element)
Secret key partitioned saving method mobile OTP: Secure AnyOTP

By dividing the secret key, which is the most important information of OTP creation, the other parts saved in the smartphone are saved in the server and when requested for OTP creation, is transferred to the smartphone.

  • Cannot produced OTP number with just the OTP secret key partially saved on the smartphoneBlock security accident due to OTP secret key hacking
  • Android phone, I phone support (low specification phone support)Excellent universality compared to SE based mobile OTP

SE based Mobile OTP

  • IC (USIM)
  • Trust Zone
  • · Important OTP information saved on the safe SE area (high security)
  • · Can only be applied to some android phones/cannot be applied to I phones (low universality)
  • · High costs compared to Secure Any OTP (high economic feasibility)

A safer Secure Any OTP authentication process due to 2 stage authentication

After 1st authentication based on the user, transfer to the smartphone the important OTP information partially saved on the server and after producing OTP on the smartphone, realize the safe process of 2nd authentication

For the security and convenience of 1st authentication, expanded function is provided with biorhythm based authentication

By integrating of biorhythm authentication of FIDO and server base, expand Secure Any OTP convenience and security
Biorhythm based authentication

Example) 1st authentication expansion process using FIDO (fingerprint) authentication_when transferring electronic financial transactions

Secure Mobile OTP Security Advantages

External security specialist institution mock hacking diagnosis complete Patent registration complete

  • Secret Key Security
    By randomly separating OTP secret key, save only invalid key on the smartphone Even if accroached, the secret key saved on the smartphone cannot be used.
  • OTP produced security
    As the separated key produced in the server is always changed, the produced number is valid only once Even if accroached as disposable secret key, cannot abused.
  • Password Key Security
    The password key is not saved on the smartphone and is produced on the server PIN As the password key is not saved on the smartphone, not danger of accroachment
  • Management Efficiency
    There is no authentication error as it is in Q&A form and there is no external license payment as it is self made technology. There is no chance of civil complaint, thus management is easy and cost cheap

Secure Any OTP Solution Advantages

  • Convenience
    • · Inconvenience of having to have seprate OTP device eliminated
    • · Simple OTP authentication processing possible with just PIN insertion
      (OTP automatic transfer function_simple authentication realization)
    • · Can be realized in the in-application form in the existing service appilcation
  • Security
    • · As a secret key separation saving method, eliminates security danger due to smartphone hacking (integrity of secret key)
    • · Blocking function supplied in application remote control
      (Remote control prevention solution (secure screen) applied)
  • Universality
    • · Android and Iphone supported
      (Android 2.3 or over/Ios 6 or over)
    • · FIDO based biorhythm function supported, phone biorhythm authentication failure supported (most phones supported when applying voice authentication)